Updates and NAB

Hello readers,

Just wanted to update everyone as to what I am up to these days. We have started production on an investor package and trailer for our feature film called Eulogy for James,Directed buy Luis Garcia.I also have been working on some commercial and non profit work in the last month or so. Next week I will be attending the 2012 NAB conference in Las Vegas. My RED will be with me but not recoding the event it will be at the Letus Corp Booth showing off the Cinema Rigs with the REDS.

I will be checking out many of the new cameras from Sony Canon and the new Phantom cameras etc. Also many other things that I will come back and write and post photos of. Of course I will be at the reduser party and red booth a lot to see whats coming with the new dragon sensor upgrade and i am sure i will be able to see some footage from it on the new RED Laser 4k projector.

This is going to be quite the summer coming up for filming I can feel it.The summer of 4k!





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