Give and take a project worth funding

In previous blog posts, I have talked about the importance of supporting local non-profits. I have recently completed a Boys and Girls club video and a video for the Jackson Street Youth Shelter.  Both organizations help young people with providing a safe environment for them to interact with each other.

Working for these non-profits has brought me a lot of joy and insight into the lives of these children. My new project “Vignettes of Interesting Women” is a film comprised of many short films about a wide range of true stories. A few of these stories have to deal with childhood abuse.  Making this film and being able to share these powerful stories will help to shed the light on some of these topics and might just give some closure to the authors who shared them with my wife and me.

You can help fund this project thought my kickstarter campaign. We need all the support we can get. The community has supported the causes that really need it. I believe this film talks about poignant, relevant topics and will be a valuable asset to the community at large.

Thanks for your support.

Sean D Brown  & Wendy Peterman