New Technology

As time goes by technology gets better and better. Right now I have been shooting a lot of my projects on the Canon 5d Mark ii and when lucky enough the RED One. Soon Canon and RED have an announcement “dule” both releasing a new camera that will take the industry by storm. I am already leaning towards the RED Scarlet. I have been following it for three years now and love working with the RED One and RED Epic. So stand by and watch as the battle between this two major companies takes off and us the industry professionals ( and our clients) win.


Also new for me is a shoot I will be working on soon with RED Epic in 3d. We will have up to 3,3d rigs on set. Should be a great time.


Sean D Brown

Reality Crash Update

My test demo scene for the movie “Reality Crash” is coming along wonderfully. Today I got my first cut of the sound for the whole scene and it sounds great layed down with rough-cuts of some of the music. It’s all coming along quite well. We have a lot of talented people working together on this film and it really shows. Right now I have a locked picture cut that the post-sound designer and music composer are working from. I will soon send the picture out to get color corrected by my colorist. All of these elements coming together will help tell the story we are trying to tell.

I would include some pictures here but can’t yet as I don’t want to spoil anything for you.

Color correcting can help tell the story in an amazing way. It can cool an image down or heat it up or make it scary and dark or warm and light. How we shoot and color the image is again another way of telling the story.

In sound mixing and designing we are discovering new ways to aid in the sorry telling that were not in the script or in the original storyboard plan. They work so well at helping tell where we have been and where we are going that I could not imagine the story without them.

Finally the musical score really helps put the mood and feel that we should be having outside of the picture. My composer did an amazing job so far at hitting all the right notes to help tell the story in the way that a production of this caliber should be told.

I want to thank all the hard work that my crew has put into this film to make it what it is.. I have worked for 6 plus months on this project almost everyday thinking about it and working on ideas. It feels good to be nearing the end of production on the scene and even better to have new prospects of moving on to a feature length film of “Reality Crash.”

Thanks for reading and pass it on.
Sean D Brown

Setting up Premier Pro for Red One Raw files

This last few weeks I have been editing a lot in Premier Pro CS5. I wanted to share with you all how to set up a project in CS5 and how to adjust the Red Raws inside the application.  This will hopefully be helpful to the first timers with RED One footage.

Sean D Brown

Importing Into premier