Working with Non-Profits, tipping the scales in their favor.

Sean D Brown Cinematography has been doing a lot of work for Non-Profits over the last year. A few of the jobs are to create fund-raising videos, so that these amazing programs can continue.  I’m all for supporting these organizations! On the reverse side, they usually don’t have a budget to pay for a video to make them money.  Well, money isn’t everything! It’s good to keep that in mind in your business ventures.

Right now I am making a video with the Madison Ave Collective where I’m a member, and we are doing this fund-raising video for the Jackson St. Youth Shelter to open a house for the youth in Albany.  (Side note) If you can help donate to this cause or any other listed in this blog that would be great. Today we had a shoot and the stories the kids told where amazing. They had quite the hard life and have had to overcome a lot to be where they are now.

Here is a still frame from today’s shoot.

Another Non-Profit I’m making a video for it the Corvallis Boys & Girls Club.

I visited their building to scout the location and it is quite a nice facility. The kids that attend this club have a lot of opportunity. Again, supporting them is important to make sure they can continue the great services they offer the community.

They can’t pay much for these videos but I’m still going to put my heart and passion into them, because I believe in helping people who give back to the community.

Hope you can go out and give back to the people who have helped you in life. In this case the B&G and JSYS did not help me directly in my life but they help lots of kids here in Corvallis, and I hope to help them to keep helping others for years to come.

Thanks for reading,
Sean D Brown

Edit: A list of a few more Non-Profits I have worked with and need support.

CASA Corvallis

Freshwaters Illustrated

Corvallis Youth Symphony

Conservation Biology Institute