Reality Crash Speical Effects

I have been in Post Production on my short demo for the movie “Reality Crash” for a few weeks now and it’s been alot of fun and hard work.

I have been editing the Red One’s footage mixed in with the 5D Mark II in Adobe Premier Pro CS5. I like this work flow because I can do my Visual Effects and Motion Graphics right in After Effects, and Dynamic Link them together.  With Dynamic link I don’t need to export my effects each time and then bring them in to Premier. Dynamic link lets you edit in both programs at the same time and live update as you go along. So I can have a piece of footage on the time line in Premier where the clip is going to end up then when I am ready for the effects I can send the clip to After Effects and do my chroma key or matte paintings or any other effects I would add to the shot then click back over to Premier and see the live update.

Stay tune for some BTS photos of my clips from Start(RAW) to Finished shot(Keyed,SFXed,Color Corrected,)

Thanks for reading,

Sean D Brown