Setting up Premier Pro for Red One Raw files

This last few weeks I have been editing a lot in Premier Pro CS5. I wanted to share with you all how to set up a project in CS5 and how to adjust the Red Raws inside the application.  This will hopefully be helpful to the first timers with RED One footage.

Sean D Brown

Importing Into premier

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        • Jeremy says:

          Thanks for the video. Very instructional. I have CS5 and am considering shooting a feature on the Red MX, but don’t have any experience with the post flow. This demystifies it completely. Now I also have an Nvidia 4800 cuda card, will this accelerate the Red footage and let me play 4K back in real time? Thanks.

        • Sean Brown says:

          Thanks for writing.. Yes I play back 4k in real time on my current set up once I render the footage.. Not a big deal.. I do play at 1/2 res but the quality is so good you can’t tell.
          I like the way it works.. FCP is more of a stranded for editing but Adobe is more RED MX friendly and they are working on more support.
          Your graphics card should be good.

        • Anthony Faust says:


          Good tutorial. I found it to be very informative. Nice work. I’m considering using Premiere CS5 and After Effects CS5 for an Olympics commercial I’m going to produce next month.

          I wrote a thread on under the “Red workflow” category. When you get a chance, please read it and let me know what you think. I have Final Cut Pro, Premiere CS4, and AE CS5 on my Mac.


        • Sean Brown says:

          So the more I am working with it, the more I learn.. I was having problems with getting it out for CC but I learned the right way of sending it to RCX with FCP XML.. I liked it over all.
          I will check out your thread now. Let me know if you need anymore help.. Olympics sounds very exciting.

        • Logan Judd says:

          Hi Sean,

          Thanks for your tutorial. I have just finished a feature film on the RED MX. While I wait for funding for post-production I thought I would try edit it myself using premiere pro.

          So far I have just been importing one of the clips per folder, rather than the whole folder. Is the any potential issues to doing it this way?

          Thank you


        • Sean Brown says:

          No, but I would organize your files in Premier. Maybe by Scenes and takes.

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