So  I am going into pre-production on a few projects that will mostly be shooting in 2012. One is a TV-Show that I will be on the camera crew for, and am very excited for. The project sounds like a great show with a great crew. I will have to shoot in Washington which is an adventure on it’s own. The 2nd project should be shooting just after this one is done, but we are in the planning stages now. I have had the chance to see the script in it’s current form and I love it and love where it’s going. This film is going to be great! I will keep my readers up to speed as much as I can as there projects go forward. You can follow my twitter on my page here if you look up for the icon or down on my main page in the left hand comer. @Seanbrown117 is my feed. I will post photos from the set if I am allowed and BTS blog posts if I am allowed. There are a few other projects that I heard about in Portland that I would love to be on as well just need to see when they are filming and what they might need on set.


My RED Scarlet is on its way this month I believe and I hope I have time to get it some use. We will be using it to film this film I talked about earler and many other amazing projects.

Well thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates.
Sean D Brown


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