Music Video Break Down. C100 and Ninja2

Today’s blog will be focused on break down of visual tone and style in a recent music video.
I shot a music video for a local Canby,Oregon Band and didn’t have much time to put into prep, but did have a few things I could control.
I was bringing my friend Bailey out to act in this video so I could control the wardrobe she wore and I also had some control or choice in the locations. We shot in a forest area and in a Dahlia field. In this field I was able to chose different color rows of flowers to put the subjects in, to fit the story lines.

Our story and song was about breaking up in a relationship, most of us have had this at one point in our lives. I wanted a strong contrast between the dark song lyrics and the strong emotions coming from the band and the beauty of the flower field. For all the band parts we had the lead singer in a Black dress. For all the flower scenes we had her in a White dress with black accents. For the apposing character the “soon to be Ex girlfriend” played by Bailey we had her in a Black dress with White accents. I think it works great.

In this image below we have the Girlfriend(Actress) and the boyfriend Band member(Camron) in the field. I gave them a back story of meeting in this field where they first met in order to try to give the relationship one last try. We placed them in RED flowers to show love and also to show fire for hate.

On to the images from the last scene. We had a lot of visual contrast going on in this scene. We had the White Vs Black Dress of the Girls. We had the White Field of Flowers VS the Black on the Main Character (Camron) and the visual contrast between the White Dress girl and black dressed man. Also the jib up to separate the old and new girls with a pan down to leave us with the new couple.

Over all we did what we could to visually tell this story as best we could with what we had on the day. It was a fun shoot and looking forward to sharing what we got.

Thanks to Chris Mead and Tim Jankowsi for helping on the shoot and Chris for Producing it.

Sean D Brown

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