Web series

So this last month has been pretty busy for me. I got the chance to shoot for Columbia Sportswear, X Box. A national TV Show, and now a Web Series that is taking me to India.

Made some new investments in Cinema Glass and happy with the quality and caliber of the work that’s coming in.

Looking forward to great projects in 2014.

Sean D Brown


The lock down. What goes into it, and why it’s not just pressing record

Hello everyone,

A new spot that I shot for North in Portland is airing all over the web and TV. It’s getting a lot of attention due to the nature of the spot. Healthcare in Oregon.

Here is the spot:


So lets look at what went into creating a “Lock down” spot like this one.

For the tech people I will just give you a list of gear that I used to shoot this spot.

Gear List

Red Scarlet X 4kHD 6:1

Canon Cine Primes 24,50,85 Arri FF

True ND Filters, .3-1.5

2 12X12 with Silks   1 8×8 Ultra Bounce    4×4 diffs   1 4k HMI


So we got to set around 5-5:30 am. It was a overcast day with sun shine expected around noon. We were going to be shooting till around 3 pm or so.

I knew we would be getting our first shot around 8:30 and that at the time the sun would be just over some trees shining right on the subject straight on. We were lucky to have some nice cloud cover to give us a even light but it was very flat. I knew that would happen as we scouted the location a few days before. So I had the crew set up a 12X12 to help fill in the stage left side of the actors, as the sun was moving to stage right over time. We also had the 4k HMI on stage left side with a 4X4 Diff in front to help take some of the punch out.

As you can see we were going for the community theater look and feel for this spot and the director and I talked about lighting it like we were at the theater, if we can have hints of that. So the 4k also helped to at as my spot light for Laura. 

Next once the lighting was dialed in I had to deal with the increase in suns intensity as the clouds were shifting away. So we used the True ND filters in front of the lens to have matching looks and feels through the spots and time it took to film them. They are wonderful filters for the RED cameras as they deal with IR issues also. They were on loan from Bandpro! Thanks guys. Using ND outside is a must in these types of shoots. Not only did it let me keep my shooting f stop that I wanted but it allowed me to also with my background sky and keep the exposure level of the whole scene right where I wanted it.

After lunch we shot the 2nd spot.The sun had come out so we lost the 4k and set up a 12X12 white griff and used that as a big bounce source to even the fill side of the talent. It worked but we got lucky with some cloud cover that I liked much better and shot around the sun.

So over all a lot goes into a locked off shot on the behind the scene of it. The director and the production team did a wonderful job putting together all the events that take place on screen the talents were great and the set was a blast to be on. Thanks for checking this out and thanks again to Cover Oregon and North for having me aboard.

Sean D Brown





Downtown Portland Office

Well, I got a new downtown Portland Office location now with lots of space and creative people to be around. 123 NW 2nd Street Portland Oregon is the new Location.

Write me an email and come check out the space.



Front Page News

Here is a link to the front page of Feb 19th,2012 paper. Enjoy: GT Front Page

Nissan Leaf Spot

Here is the first of three spots I shot with the RED as a spec car commercial.


Nissan Leaf Commercial 1080P Version from Sean D.Brown on Vimeo.

Wonderful New Year

The new year is off to a great start. Here are some photos from this mornings Sunrise.


Hey everyone,

Here are some updates of what I have been up to.

I worked on a few TLC shows, Shot a TV spot for Downtown Portland with North.Shooting a music video for a Seattle band called The Classic Crime.

Got some new gear in including  Rokinon Cine 35mm T1.5 – Canon EF. Nice to have some new fast cine glass.

Working on a few more projects but will fill you all in when I have more to say 🙂

Thanks for reading.

Sean D Brown

Eulogy for James

So this last month I set off on a journey of life changing events. One of them was working with a new feature film called Eulogy for James directed by Luis Garcia of Portland,Oregon. Its based on a true story about his life. You can find some info on this project here:EFJ  and some screen-grabs here:Sean D Brown





Updates and NAB

Hello readers,

Just wanted to update everyone as to what I am up to these days. We have started production on an investor package and trailer for our feature film called Eulogy for James,Directed buy Luis Garcia.I also have been working on some commercial and non profit work in the last month or so. Next week I will be attending the 2012 NAB conference in Las Vegas. My RED will be with me but not recoding the event it will be at the Letus Corp Booth showing off the Cinema Rigs with the REDS.

I will be checking out many of the new cameras from Sony Canon and the new Phantom cameras etc. Also many other things that I will come back and write and post photos of. Of course I will be at the reduser party and red booth a lot to see whats coming with the new dragon sensor upgrade and i am sure i will be able to see some footage from it on the new RED Laser 4k projector.

This is going to be quite the summer coming up for filming I can feel it.The summer of 4k!





Nissan Leaf Commercial

So yesterday I shot a Leaf Commercial. It was tons of fun and all sorts of adventures with weather and locations and cars and much more. We have one more shoot day to go to finish the spot but the footage is looking great. We have great crews in Oregon and I have lots of friends that made this all happen. Thanks to all of you.

Here are some screen grabs and BTS from the event.