Music Video Break Down. C100 and Ninja2

Today’s blog will be focused on break down of visual tone and style in a recent music video.
I shot a music video for a local Canby,Oregon Band and didn’t have much time to put into prep, but did have a few things I could control.
I was bringing my friend Bailey out to act in this video so I could control the wardrobe she wore and I also had some control or choice in the locations. We shot in a forest area and in a Dahlia field. In this field I was able to chose different color rows of flowers to put the subjects in, to fit the story lines.

Our story and song was about breaking up in a relationship, most of us have had this at one point in our lives. I wanted a strong contrast between the dark song lyrics and the strong emotions coming from the band and the beauty of the flower field. For all the band parts we had the lead singer in a Black dress. For all the flower scenes we had her in a White dress with black accents. For the apposing character the “soon to be Ex girlfriend” played by Bailey we had her in a Black dress with White accents. I think it works great.

In this image below we have the Girlfriend(Actress) and the boyfriend Band member(Camron) in the field. I gave them a back story of meeting in this field where they first met in order to try to give the relationship one last try. We placed them in RED flowers to show love and also to show fire for hate.

On to the images from the last scene. We had a lot of visual contrast going on in this scene. We had the White Vs Black Dress of the Girls. We had the White Field of Flowers VS the Black on the Main Character (Camron) and the visual contrast between the White Dress girl and black dressed man. Also the jib up to separate the old and new girls with a pan down to leave us with the new couple.

Over all we did what we could to visually tell this story as best we could with what we had on the day. It was a fun shoot and looking forward to sharing what we got.

Thanks to Chris Mead and Tim Jankowsi for helping on the shoot and Chris for Producing it.

Sean D Brown

Downtown Portland Office

Well, I got a new downtown Portland Office location now with lots of space and creative people to be around. 123 NW 2nd Street Portland Oregon is the new Location.

Write me an email and come check out the space.



Front Page News

Here is a link to the front page of Feb 19th,2012 paper. Enjoy: GT Front Page


Hey everyone,

Here are some updates of what I have been up to.

I worked on a few TLC shows, Shot a TV spot for Downtown Portland with North.Shooting a music video for a Seattle band called The Classic Crime.

Got some new gear in including  Rokinon Cine 35mm T1.5 – Canon EF. Nice to have some new fast cine glass.

Working on a few more projects but will fill you all in when I have more to say 🙂

Thanks for reading.

Sean D Brown

Nissan Leaf Commercial

So yesterday I shot a Leaf Commercial. It was tons of fun and all sorts of adventures with weather and locations and cars and much more. We have one more shoot day to go to finish the spot but the footage is looking great. We have great crews in Oregon and I have lots of friends that made this all happen. Thanks to all of you.

Here are some screen grabs and BTS from the event.

First project for the RED

We are going to be filming a Nissan leaf commercial. We are filming in Downtown Corvallis Oregon and its going to be quite the fun event.

Here are some videos from some camera tests shot on the red and on the Canon 5d Mark ii (Car mount one) to test to angle and gear we will be using on the shoot.

A Jib Test Jib Test.

Then a Car mount Test: Car Mount

Here are some pics from these.


Stay tuned for more from the Feb 18th Shoot.

Sean D Brown


Give and take a project worth funding

In previous blog posts, I have talked about the importance of supporting local non-profits. I have recently completed a Boys and Girls club video and a video for the Jackson Street Youth Shelter.  Both organizations help young people with providing a safe environment for them to interact with each other.

Working for these non-profits has brought me a lot of joy and insight into the lives of these children. My new project “Vignettes of Interesting Women” is a film comprised of many short films about a wide range of true stories. A few of these stories have to deal with childhood abuse.  Making this film and being able to share these powerful stories will help to shed the light on some of these topics and might just give some closure to the authors who shared them with my wife and me.

You can help fund this project thought my kickstarter campaign. We need all the support we can get. The community has supported the causes that really need it. I believe this film talks about poignant, relevant topics and will be a valuable asset to the community at large.

Thanks for your support.

Sean D Brown  & Wendy Peterman

Supporting your community and the children

Well I just came back from a fundraiser breakfast where the video I shot got some good reviews. It was a heart warming morning and I heard some great speeches. I can’t stress enough how important it is to support Non-Profits and the children of your community. I had a great time working with Laureen and everyone at the Boys and Girls Club and I hope this video helps to raise the much needed funds.

Stay tuned for my Jackson Street Youth Shelter video in the next few weeks.

Boys and Girls Club of Corvallis

Boys and Girls Club of Corvallis Ver.2



Recent Projects

Hello Readers,

Just wanted to give you an update on what I am up to.

I just finished my edits on the Boys & Girls Club Video & my Jackson Street Youth Shelter Albany House video.  I hope both of these Non-Profit fund raising videos do their jobs. Please help support if you can.

This last Thursday and Friday I went to Cannon Beach on the Oregon coast to shoot a hotel video. Had a great time with my friend Eric and we shot some great footage.

I have a new project that I am slowly working on called Vignettes of Interesting Women. I hope to see that project take off soon. Stay tuned for a Kickstarter on this and you can find out how to help out on the project.

And I will leave you will a few photos. BTS:

Up-dated Reel

Just updated the demo reel to include the new Demo Scene I filmed.