NAB results.

Hey Readers,

So first I would like to say I posted a lot of photos to my Facebook page and my Twitter account that you can find up with my links in top right of the main page.

Here is a list of things I loved.

RED– HDMI wireless,new ssd sizes,New Dragon sensor(not sure if I will upgrade or not) and new 9 inch touch screen

Zeiss– New cp.2 Super speeds of the 35 1.5 and 85 1.5 they also have a 50 1.5 but it similar to there 50 1.4  of the cp.1, There ANAMORPHIC LENSES! The new 15 mm cp.2 is great.

Phantoms new smaller 1500 FPS camera looks great.

Wooden Camera shoulder rig and the new Titam shoulder rig for red cameras were great.

The New Cooke I5 lens were great!

Small HD has a new DP7 I love it but hope it cost less when released.

The Sony F65 looks amazing as well.

Letus rigs are great as always.

The Blackmagic 2.5 k Cinema camera was interesting but I don’t like the 2X crop on all the ef mount lens which is all it takes. I do like it shoots RAW to off the shelf media.

I loved Adobe CS6! I would really look at this if you are editing multi formats or cameras.(Speed grade)

G-tech has some new thunderbolt drives so do lacie.

Go pro is updating the Hero 2 to add Log curves and 35MB recording.

Apple will upgrade FCX to add RED support sometime…

I love the new LED lights from(Color temp changing) Kino flo and the new Imara 210 light!! Love them!

I loved meeting all the people that I did and hanging out with people who I don’t get to see that often.


Well I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have or would like to hear more.

Sean D Brown









Updates and NAB

Hello readers,

Just wanted to update everyone as to what I am up to these days. We have started production on an investor package and trailer for our feature film called Eulogy for James,Directed buy Luis Garcia.I also have been working on some commercial and non profit work in the last month or so. Next week I will be attending the 2012 NAB conference in Las Vegas. My RED will be with me but not recoding the event it will be at the Letus Corp Booth showing off the Cinema Rigs with the REDS.

I will be checking out many of the new cameras from Sony Canon and the new Phantom cameras etc. Also many other things that I will come back and write and post photos of. Of course I will be at the reduser party and red booth a lot to see whats coming with the new dragon sensor upgrade and i am sure i will be able to see some footage from it on the new RED Laser 4k projector.

This is going to be quite the summer coming up for filming I can feel it.The summer of 4k!





Nissan Leaf Commercial

So yesterday I shot a Leaf Commercial. It was tons of fun and all sorts of adventures with weather and locations and cars and much more. We have one more shoot day to go to finish the spot but the footage is looking great. We have great crews in Oregon and I have lots of friends that made this all happen. Thanks to all of you.

Here are some screen grabs and BTS from the event.

RED Scarlet X Resolution

The new Red Scarlet Shoots 5k Res Stills and 4k Res Movies. (CLICK PHOTOS FOR BIGGER SHOTS)

That’s way bigger then 1080P HD. Here is a chart that shows you just how big.

I took some test shots to see how much I can zoom in on a image and still get a good shot. What you will see here is a 5k, 5120 × 2700 Still and then a 100% blow up of it.

As you can see the image quality retained is amazing. So much detail in the window and outside remains.I will leave you off with a 4k still of both dogs.(4096 × 2160)










RED Scarlet for Stills.

Levy Moroshan of Levy-Moroshan-Photography asked me to come up to Portland and help out with a head shot session with my RED. I had a great time and got to do a few of my own tests while the model was their. I tried some new catch light styles you will see in the photos below. One of them we used two kino banks in a sort of X style  one infront of the other to create a very interesting almost division sign looking catch light. I had a great time and love the way the head shots turned out. Stay tuned for levys take on the event.

How to Change Focus with REDMOTE on Red Scarlet

I have been testing out the new Red Scarlet camera that I bought in a few ways. One of them is the REDMOTE. The REDMOTE is a wireless device that allows you to control the camera away from the camera. With Red’s electronic EF Mount you can do a lot of “Auto” focus and touch focus things when you have a AF lens attached. In this video below I have my Canon 24-70 2.8 L lens attached and AF is turned on . I can change focus with out touching the lens with just this wireless device.


PS. If you have any Questions or Comments feel free to email or post them below
Sean D Brown

How to Change Focus with REDMOTE


First project for the RED

We are going to be filming a Nissan leaf commercial. We are filming in Downtown Corvallis Oregon and its going to be quite the fun event.

Here are some videos from some camera tests shot on the red and on the Canon 5d Mark ii (Car mount one) to test to angle and gear we will be using on the shoot.

A Jib Test Jib Test.

Then a Car mount Test: Car Mount

Here are some pics from these.


Stay tuned for more from the Feb 18th Shoot.

Sean D Brown


New RED Scarlet X “Sunrise” #607

Well the new Scarlet is here and its great. The first test I have done is a Compression test. You can record in 24FPS 4k from 6:1 -18:1. Below you will see some Tiff screengrabs from RCX Pro.

I found that from 6:1 to 18:1 we lose a lot of the fine detail in the image at 18:1 and we add a bit of noise. But over all the image is not horrible.

Here are a few images from the unboxing which I know you are all dieing to see. Included in the gallery.

Well more to test. Feel free to contact me at if you like to book me and the scarlet or want more tests done.

Thanks to Shawn Nelson for the screen!




Thanks for the great year 2011.

Hello readers,

This has been quite the year for me. I have directed several shot promos,was cinematographer or camera opp on many short films and one feature, and have had a great time filling in many many other production rolls. I got to meet a lot of great people this year who I will work with on some great projects next year. Friendships & business continues to grow. From good work and great clients I have earned enough to move my gear list to where I have been trying to get to for the past two years. I have bought a red camera the New 5k stills and 4k motion Scarlet X camera. This year, and its going to help me tell a lot of amazing stories.

One thing I enjoy a lot is being able to still offer great rates on my DSLR packages and lighting kits. Being an indy filmmaker, I understand low budgets and the need to stretch a 5k budget as much as we can. I look forward to the fair treatment of all crew and casts in the new year and all artist earning a livable wage. We may not all be scientists but we do make a difference in peoples lives one way or another. One of my favorite places to be is on a movie set, it’s like going home for me.. Each time I join a project I look forward to going home..


See you all at home next year.

Sean D Brown


So  I am going into pre-production on a few projects that will mostly be shooting in 2012. One is a TV-Show that I will be on the camera crew for, and am very excited for. The project sounds like a great show with a great crew. I will have to shoot in Washington which is an adventure on it’s own. The 2nd project should be shooting just after this one is done, but we are in the planning stages now. I have had the chance to see the script in it’s current form and I love it and love where it’s going. This film is going to be great! I will keep my readers up to speed as much as I can as there projects go forward. You can follow my twitter on my page here if you look up for the icon or down on my main page in the left hand comer. @Seanbrown117 is my feed. I will post photos from the set if I am allowed and BTS blog posts if I am allowed. There are a few other projects that I heard about in Portland that I would love to be on as well just need to see when they are filming and what they might need on set.


My RED Scarlet is on its way this month I believe and I hope I have time to get it some use. We will be using it to film this film I talked about earler and many other amazing projects.

Well thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates.
Sean D Brown