RED Scarlet X Resolution

The new Red Scarlet Shoots 5k Res Stills and 4k Res Movies. (CLICK PHOTOS FOR BIGGER SHOTS)

That’s way bigger then 1080P HD. Here is a chart that shows you just how big.

I took some test shots to see how much I can zoom in on a image and still get a good shot. What you will see here is a 5k, 5120 × 2700 Still and then a 100% blow up of it.

As you can see the image quality retained is amazing. So much detail in the window and outside remains.I will leave you off with a 4k still of both dogs.(4096 × 2160)










RED Scarlet for Stills.

Levy Moroshan of Levy-Moroshan-Photography asked me to come up to Portland and help out with a head shot session with my RED. I had a great time and got to do a few of my own tests while the model was their. I tried some new catch light styles you will see in the photos below. One of them we used two kino banks in a sort of X style  one infront of the other to create a very interesting almost division sign looking catch light. I had a great time and love the way the head shots turned out. Stay tuned for levys take on the event.

How to Change Focus with REDMOTE on Red Scarlet

I have been testing out the new Red Scarlet camera that I bought in a few ways. One of them is the REDMOTE. The REDMOTE is a wireless device that allows you to control the camera away from the camera. With Red’s electronic EF Mount you can do a lot of “Auto” focus and touch focus things when you have a AF lens attached. In this video below I have my Canon 24-70 2.8 L lens attached and AF is turned on . I can change focus with out touching the lens with just this wireless device.


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Sean D Brown

How to Change Focus with REDMOTE


First project for the RED

We are going to be filming a Nissan leaf commercial. We are filming in Downtown Corvallis Oregon and its going to be quite the fun event.

Here are some videos from some camera tests shot on the red and on the Canon 5d Mark ii (Car mount one) to test to angle and gear we will be using on the shoot.

A Jib Test Jib Test.

Then a Car mount Test: Car Mount

Here are some pics from these.


Stay tuned for more from the Feb 18th Shoot.

Sean D Brown