Helping at risk youth in our community

A few months ago I shot and edited a video for the Jackson Street Youth Shelter in Corvallis. They are trying to open up an Albany house for Linn County youth at risk. Today they launched the video within a new website created by the Madison Ave Collective. I am very proud to be part of this project and I hope that they raise as much funding as they can to help the kids of Albany.

Please check out the website.

Sean D Brown

Give and take a project worth funding

In previous blog posts, I have talked about the importance of supporting local non-profits. I have recently completed a Boys and Girls club video and a video for the Jackson Street Youth Shelter.  Both organizations help young people with providing a safe environment for them to interact with each other.

Working for these non-profits has brought me a lot of joy and insight into the lives of these children. My new project “Vignettes of Interesting Women” is a film comprised of many short films about a wide range of true stories. A few of these stories have to deal with childhood abuse.  Making this film and being able to share these powerful stories will help to shed the light on some of these topics and might just give some closure to the authors who shared them with my wife and me.

You can help fund this project thought my kickstarter campaign. We need all the support we can get. The community has supported the causes that really need it. I believe this film talks about poignant, relevant topics and will be a valuable asset to the community at large.

Thanks for your support.

Sean D Brown  & Wendy Peterman

Vignettes of Interesting Women

Today we had a shoot at Live Well Studio for our Kickstarter trailer for Vignettes of Interesting Women.  We shot on the RED One, amazing 4k resolution camera. I had some great help from Eric Buist and Carlos Zuniga. The pictures from the event are from Carlos, and Eric is the best AC in Corvallis.

For this project I asked women to send me stories about anything they would like and we were going to turn them into something we can film. I got asked a lot about what type of story I was looking for. My answer was it can be anything. My official statement was this.

So, an idea, not necessarily THE idea, but an idea, inspired by my wife (yay!):

“Vignettes of Interesting Women.” It’s an art film. About women. What I’d love is to have women write stories, memories, impressions of their lives and send them to me. They can be real or inspired by something real. They can be deep, passionate, sad, happy, mundane, goofy…whatever. I’d just like to make a film of glimpses into the lives, minds and hearts of women. I realize this might be asking something personal or sensitive. I promise to handle it with tender love and care and the thoughtful advice of my wife. I will make dramatic interpretations of the stories, so they may not be exactly biographical (unless you specifically state that you want the facts out there, and then I’ll be very true to your story). So, if you’re willing to put a thought, story, memory or idea out there to the world, I would love to consider it for a scene in this film of snippets from the inner lives of women of all ages and backgrounds. Every submission will be kept confidential, and I won’t use your material without express written permission.

So I got some pretty powerful stories and some great ideas came from them. We are going on quite the journey to tell these amazing and very interesting stories.  So I hope that you can stay tuned to the blog and look for updates as they come. I will be working on the trailer and our kickstarter page to help raise funds for the project. I would really like to be able to raise enough to tell the world about the lives of these amazing women.

Thanks for reading.

Sean D Brown

One quick screen grab from the shoot today.